On Writing, Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt 24

The Devil in the Dryer

This week’s writing prompt was inspired by a disastrous episode with the laundry and relies heavily on personification, the act of ascribing human-like qualities to non-living things. Give it a whirl.

While sorting through the laundry, your character discovers that not only has their favorite shirt been chewed up but also the mates to three socks have gone missing. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In fact, just last week, the devil living in the dryer made a meal out of three of your character’s T-shirts, munched on their partner’s robe, and ate two pairs of underwear for a mid-afternoon snack. The missing socks mean that the diabolical dryer’s impish sidekicks, the sock gremlins, are back too. Your character is furious and declares war on the whole fiendish crew.

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