Below is an outline of the services offered. To inquire about specific services, email

Writing Consultations, $65/hr

Consultations and coaching services are tailored to your individual needs as a writer, but include all of the following: suggesting and guiding you through writing exercises, providing constructive feedback and guidance on specific elements of the text or the work as a whole, performing substantive and developmental edits, and answering questions about the publication process. The purpose is to aid you in crafting or revising a work in progress or to coach you through the writing process from inception to submission.

Editing Services, $50/hr

Minor copyediting, proofreading, and/or English language editing services are provided for finished products (post-draft and revision phase). The goal is to prep your work for publication, correcting errors such as spelling, grammar, and mechanics, and providing clarity while respecting and preserving your voice as the author. I have experience working with the following publication styles and reference formats: AMA, APA, MLA, and Chicago. I have also worked with in-house style guides.

Workshops, $30/person

Writing workshops developed by the owner focus on specific topics aimed at helping writers or follow a traditional workshop format of reading and sharing excerpts with feedback from both the consultant and fellow attendees. Past workshops include Kindling the Creative Flame, Battling Writer’s Block, Writing Dialogue, and Showing vs. Telling.

Consulting Services Offered for:

  • Fiction (novels, short stories)
  • Nonfiction (memoirs, creative nonfiction)
  • Drama (plays, screenplays)
  • Poetry

Editing Services Offered for:

All of the above plus the following.

  • Academic/research writing (essays, articles, textbooks), particularly STEM content
  • Online content (blog posts, websites)
  • Marketing/advertising materials