“You’re so weird!”

I consider those words among the highest compliments. I personally would rather be called “weird” or some synonym of that word than most other adjectives. It means a lot to me if someone truly likes me for my strangeness because the things that make us weird are usually the things that others don’t like about us. If you’re someone I care about and I tell you that you’re weird or a weirdo, it’s because it’s one of the things I love most about you. I’ve been known to say to someone, “You’re so fucking weird! Can we hang out?” And I totally mean it. Most people like to hide their strangeness but I love the ones who embrace it; your weirdness makes you unique. My son, for instance, is totally weird (his *own* weird) and I LOVE all of his little quirks. At this moment in his life, he lets his strangeness shine even when others try to dim it and I hope with all my heart that he stays that way. I don’t want anyone to diminish that boy’s shine.

Granted, there are many different brands or flavors of weird out there and one person’s strange may not be another’s. That’s probably why most people choose to hide their quirks—they fear being disliked. I did. But, look, no matter how hard you try, there are just some people out there who aren’t going to like you and your particular oddities (and vice versa). And they don’t have to. Once we stop thinking we have to please everyone or that we should be liked by everybody, we can just let others get on with their own thing and take solace in the people who find our strangeness endearing or appealing.

To my fellow freaks: please don’t dim your shine—not for anyone. Your strangeness is beautiful and there are people out there like me who love you for it.

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