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Writing Prompt 66

Into the Heart of a Child

This week’s writing prompt is to write from the point of view of a child. Choose a memory from your own childhood (if you’re uncomfortable with that, then make something up) and try to write it as if you were telling the story through your child self. Consider your age at the time, the specific era in history, your temperament back then as well as your personality, developmental level, and any thoughts or emotions you recall experiencing. Think about how you might have to adjust things like vocabulary, word usage, and expressions to make them appropriate for a child narrator. How else could you convey to your reader that this is written from a child’s perspective?

On Writing, Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt 28

Unless you have a photographic memory, whenever you remember something, your mind fills in the blanks for you, inserting some usually inconsequential yet nonetheless fitting detail that you can’t 100% recall. In a way, we’re always rewriting our own stories.

Me as a kid with my Pap-Pap

In that vein, this week’s writing prompt is geared toward those of you who are writing creative nonfiction (aka, literary nonfiction) or memoir, but can also be put to exceptionally good use in straight-up fiction too (my personal preference).

Choose an anecdote from your childhood and change at least two major details.