On Writing

Zenith Garinian

I’m excited to share more client news! The revised version of Tazeric: Sword of Light and Dark, the first book in the Zenith Garinian series by J.W. Berwyn, which was edited by yours truly, is now available from Amazon. Click the link on the title above or the cover image to get your copy. Follow the author for updates about future books in this new exciting fantasy series.

On Writing

The Last Guardian

I’m delighted to announce that my client É.M. Bossé has published her first book, The Last Guardian, a tale of magic and adventure, on Amazon. It’s available as an ebook and in paperback form. I hope you’ll check it out (click on the title above for the direct link)!

On Writing

Using Science in Cybersecurity

More client news to share! Some time ago, I edited a textbook on cybersecurity for my clients Leigh Metcalf and Jono Spring. I’m happy to share that their informative guide to Using Science in Cybersecurity, intended for both students and practitioners alike, will be available in June from World Scientific.

On Writing, Ranée

This Woman’s Work

Hey there! Thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my work for this Thursday. The relaunch of Tazeric is a little over two months away (June 1!), so I’m hard at work on John’s revisions this week. I’m also still writing my own novel (I’m deep into the shit-shoveling phase on that) and developing a workshop on dialogue.

I’m armed with a full water bottle, a cup of tea, candles, my notebook, and an Art of Ophelia pen (tools of this writer’s trade). Today’s also the first day in a very long while that I’m actually listening to records while working. Check out today’s rainy day soundtrack in the photos below.

On Writing

Tazeric: Sword of Light and Dark

I’m excited to announce the forthcoming re-release of my client, J.W. Berwyn‘s, book Tazeric: Sword of Light and Dark on June 1, 2021. I’ve been working with John for the past few months, helping him to revise and improve his first novel, and it’s been an awesome experience for me both as a coach and as a reader. John is a talented writer who has crafted an intriguing tale of magic, love, and adventure centering on a small band of heroic women on the quest to find a sword of power. I can’t wait to have a copy of the finished, revamped story and hope you’ll check it out once it’s available. Follow @berwyn_j on Twitter or jwberwyn.net to keep up with publication news. Cover design by Fay Lane.