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Writing Prompt 48

Disappearing Ink

Here is this week’s writing prompt, an inter-galactic tale of pen-pilfering, ink-drinking bandits. Thanks to my husband for inspiring this one. I was wondering out loud what had happened to a particular pen that I’d had in the kitchen drawer when he suggested maybe there was some pen-stealing faction out there for whom ink was like the spice in Dune. So there you have it.

They were slick, surreptitious. He’d give them that. Those ink-drinking bandits from the outerlands of Rogon 5 had struck again, and this time, they’d hatched a plot so nefarious that the entire supply of ink in the Glacyon Prime system had literally dried up within nanoseconds. A dehydration device of some sort. That’s how they’d done it. They’d turned all of the liquid ink into dried powder form. He admitted it was brilliant. It was much easier to smuggle and transport containers of powdery ink off-world than volumes of liquid. Who knows? Maybe they wanted it in powder form. They could be inhaling it now, smoking it, rather than guzzling it; perhaps they’d found that ingesting it that way made its mind-altering effects more potent. He was wondering where the trail of disappearing ink would lead him next when an alert came in that ink-carrying vessels known as “pens” had been reported missing in large numbers from a planet in the Sol system known as Earth. He clenched his fist. His instinct told him the pen-pilfering hooligans had to be Rogons. He had to stop them before this planet Earth suffered the same fate as Glacyon Prime.

On Writing, Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt 31

Dig Down + My Name Is Human

This week’s writing prompt is some sci-fi cyberpunk awesomeness brought to you by the alternative rock bands Muse and Highly Suspect and one major geek of a writer (me, that’s me, gang).

A few years ago, I was working on a sci-fi story and had put together a playlist of songs to listen to while writing (because that’s what I do). One of the songs on that sci-fi playlist was Highly Suspect’s “My Name Is Human” from their second album The Boy Who Died Wolf. For me, that song was the overarching theme of what I was writing. While I really liked the song, I didn’t care much for the accompanying video. By contrast, Muse, a band that was very heavily represented on my sci-fi soundtrack, had released a song called “Dig Down” on their sci-fi-themed album Simulation Theory, and while I wasn’t a fan of the original version of that track, I freaking loved that video with its badass heroine played by Lauren Wasser. In essence, “Dig Down” was the video that I’d wanted for “My Name Is Human.” So, being the absurd, musically-obsessed dork that I am, I decided to watch the “Dig Down” video with the sound off while listening to “My Name Is Human.” And you know what? It worked! Moreover, it got me thinking more in-depth about the futuristic world that I was creating and also made me realize who the true main character of my story was.

I invite you to try my little experiment. Watch the video below with the sound off while listening to the song “My Name Is Human” by Highly Suspect (you can find the song on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms if you don’t have a copy of the album). See what the lyrics and images inspire in you.