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Writing Prompt 13

Bridge over the Seine River, Paris, France, 2008. Photo by me.

This week’s prompt is all about place—one of the two elements of setting (the other is time). You can choose the location for your current project, the place you call home or one that just feels like home to you, somewhere you’ve visited that left an indelible impression on you, or somewhere you haven’t yet been but long to see. See this place in your mind’s eye or find a photo that you can use and describe it. What details are important to note? How could you convey to the reader where this place is without specifically stating it? Are there certain landmarks you wish to note? Don’t just think about the things that you want your reader to see but also consider the sounds, smells, the cuisine, the terrain or weather, and the overall vibe of the place. And remember, even if you’ve never been to a place before, you can still describe it as if you have—that’s what imagination is all about.

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